Hello internets!

So, this is my second attempt at a book blog. Let’s hope this one sticks around longer than the last.

I’m starting this because I’ve recently discovered that there are a LOT of blogs out there recapping books I read when I was a kid. There’s Like Pike (Christopher Pike), 1bruce1 (Sweet Valley), somewhere between y.a. lit and death (Lurlene McDaniel), the inimitable Fine Lines (general YA/children’s), and even a Sleepover Friends recap blog. Sleepover Friends! Red, black, and white! I hadn’t thought of those in ages.

Reading these recaps is so much fun that I can’t resist doing some of my own. I’ll probably be doing some Christopher Pike eventually (he was basically my religion in middle school), but I want to start with Katherine Applegate’s teen romance novels. There seems to be a dearth of Applegate recaps (besides Animorphs) on the web, although I did find this recap-in-progress of Zoey Fools Around. I can’t be the only Applegate romance fan in the world, so hopefully this site will draw others as nostalgic as I am.

I love that a lot of the books I read in the 90s are getting re-issued now, complete with updated cultural references and modern technology. A lot of Lois Duncan’s novels are going to be rereleased in updated versions soon, and I’m both excited (Lois Duncan!) and nervous (the old ones are so good, why do they need to be changed?). Perhaps I’ll recap some of those when they come out.

Other things I might put here: reviews of current books; vintage paperback covers (if I can get my hands on a scanner); rants about young adult lit, libraries, censorship, and anything else vaguely book-related I feel like ranting about.

If you want more me, I blog about my life, my foster kittens, and my screwed-up brain at LiveJournal, and I post things I find around the interwebs at Tumblr. If you really can’t get enough of me, I also have Flickr (warning: contains more kittens), twitter, and goodreads.

Thanks for reading!


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